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the two, for they are interconnected. you've shown that the strength of civil rights underpins strong national security. this balance has been the essence of leon panetta's career. as strong as leon panetta is on security, he's always been just as strong on civil rights and equality. as the director of the u.s. office for civil rights, one of his first jobs in government, he pushed for equal education across the south. as a leading member of congress, chairman of the budget committee, and the white house chief of staff, he worked to advance civil rights everywhere. and as secretary of defense, he oversaw the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, and opened combat positions for women. the balance between security and civil rights sends an important message to the world. and leon panetta has lived that message. at the department of defense, we work to preserve america's individual liberties as well as defend our national freedom. when the supreme court issued its decision on the defense of marriage act this summer, the department of defense immediately began working on providing the same ben
. ultimately the reason i headed up to the u.s. office for civil rights, it was tough disaggregating schools in the south was not easy. the people in the office for civil rights were dedicated dedicated to a comp showing the task of giving kids an equal education. -- dedicated to accomplishing the task of giving kids an equal education. they said they were going to back off of strong civil rights enforcement. i had to make a decision. do i uphold the law or back off of my principal? ini fight for what i believe or do i sacrifice my job? i lost my job. but i have never regretted the decision is standing for what you believe in. [applause] i went back to monterey and public service was still in my veins so i ran for congress and served a terms of the congress. eight terms. it was a different congress. tip o'neill, bob michae we just honored tom foley the other day, speaker and a majority leader. republicans and democrats work together. toy work together to try solve the problems facing this country. yes, they had their differences. yes, they had their politics. when it came to issues aff
supplants to file a civil rights lawsuit against sonoma county. lopez is the 13 year old boy shot and killed by deputy who spotted him carrying an assault rifle. allied which was a wreck because the family claims that the deputy shot lopez without cause and says the department did not properly trained deputies in such as wages county has not commented. >> will continue to fall this case. the family's attorney has scheduled a news conference for monday you can get updates on our facebook and twitter pages and on kron4 mobile app. >> coming up on kron4 news we get a horrifying moment for drivers in the caldecott tunnel. >> we will have an update on the fire that had drivers scrambling for safety. >> we're waking up to make clear skies with some all along the coast. >> today will not be as warm and it will be cool tomorrow with gusty winds tomorrow. >> take a look at satellite and radar we have a system to the north of us dropping down and looks like we will get the streaming in of high clouds and gusty winds. >> we're not expecting any rain over the weekend. >> there will be a wind rain over t
aye aye aye. zz you i am. the office of civil rights in the city of seattle washington has told city employees that certain terms may not be used in official e mails and discussion scoring that goal fox news. these terms the brown bag and citizen ninety percent of americans of the cute expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch we had on a brown paper bag to work with themselves. let the court considered the land these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a broad paper bag to determine rates will go anywhere even remotely two listed races and needs to be banned between the giver of the warm blanket because the keys of native americans deceased or blankets to kill them on and the bloc to live with beans so exaggerated that work to remember the separate drinking fountains segregated buses based on race in america. yes we can see those words anymore either. all we might just possibly remember something bad which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world and pleasant thoughts. we see a lot of western count
civil rights suit claims the sheriff's department encourages the use of deadly force even when there's no threat to public safety. sonoma county says the investigation is still active and calls a lawsuit premature. >>> friends and family packed an auditorium in sparks nevada today to remember a teacher shot and killed on the campus of a middle school last month. investigators say michael lansbery died when he tried to intervene in a school shooting. the 23-year-old lansbary was a former marine. students said lansbery made learning fun. told jokes during class and was always there for student who is may be going through a rough patch. >>> officials say they are making gains and curving gang violence. the department budgeted just over $1 million for gang suppression this fiscal year. that included putting more officers on the streets. san jose police say there were eight gang related homicides. that is six fewer than the 14 killed during this same time period last year. over all police say there have been 193 gang related crimes through september. that's compared to 228 last year. >>>
, including civil rights activist, anti-vietnam war activist, and so on. so he has -- he was actually in office and worked on the fort intelligence surveillance act, which was the reform imposed in 1978 by congress on nsa. so he sort of has been down this road before. his advice to the nsa, as you mentioned, was to sort of did everything out there, stop the drip, drip, drip of revelations since there are still thousands and thousands of documents that have not been discussed by the media. he said sort of get it out there and try to get this behind you, go ahead and have the debate and decide on what happens from there. whether nsa will take that advice is unclear. it is true the director of national intelligence office has been putting up documents online in recent weeks that it never would've considered putting up before this -- the snowden revelations. on the wikileaks tweet, i'm not understood anders glad -- i'm not sure i understood the point. i think one of the impacts of the snowden links, the documents -- released to laura potras laura poitras and glenn greenwald, how slowly th
-old was shot and killed while carrying a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriff's department encourages the use of deadly force even when there's no threat to public safety. now, the sheriff's department says this investigation is still in the early stages and says the lawsuit is premature. >>> the city of sunnyvale may be getting tougher gun control laws if voters pass a new measure tomorrow. it's a controversial issue. janine de la vega is in sunnyvale to tell us more about what's going on out there. what people are saying. >> reporter: dave, whenever the issue of gun control comes up, people have passionate opinions. one man says he thinks more regulates -- regular lates are needed -- regulations are needed. this measure would require anyone whose gun is lost or stolen to inform police within 48 hours. and it requires those who sell ammunition to log and track sales. a local gun store is against the measure. opponents say it will not stop shootings. instead, it will generate lawsuits against the city. we found residents who plan to vote tomo
's a civil rights issue making it an issue for the national football league and owner in the league and the sport of football. football and nfl should be unifying for us and they can be. we want to help them succeed. it's unaccept hable that in this time, the 21st century a team will use a racist slur over the objections of people offended by it, and victimized by it. >> that's all the support for now. >> thank you, jo. >> it's the talk of the town in silicon valley. the latest hype is over a barge built by tech giant google off san francisco bay. it has everyone guessing what the project is all about. melissa chan finds out. >> silicon valley will not stop talking about it. it doesn't look like the most exciting thing, just a big box sitting off the shore of an island between oakland and san francisco. it's a barge covered up, fenced in and guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week and reveals the role google plays in this town. anything it does sparks excitement. we visited some start ups at the offices of rocket space to find out what people in the industry think about the myster
race a factor there? we'll talk to a civil rights leader who's joining the call. >>> and later, hip-hop, humor and public health. it's today's "big idea." >>> we're going to start in the west where travelers at los angeles international airport are seeing an increased security presence today. it could be days before the airport returns to normal after friday's shooting that left a tsa officer dead and others wounded. nbc's miguel almaguer has been covering the story for us over the last day. good day to you, miguel, and what's the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon. we know that terminal three where the investigation is taking place where the shooting happens remains shut down to the public. they are allowing some passengers who were inside that terminal during the shooting to come back this afternoon to retrieve some of their personal belongings. as you know, this shooting took place yesterday at 9:30 in the morning. it was the middle of the weekday commute at the end of the week when police say 22-year-old paul ciancia walked through the front doors of the terminal, pulled out an
converge on the nation's capital to rally for civil rights. >> if we all participate and we all show strength in numbers, things will change for us. >> we were here to march for our rights. >> i felt i had to do it, and i did it. >> there's a cause here, and we are -- we are on the precipice of change here. we're going to do something. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ ♪ >> we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >> the idea for march on washington, this particular march, comes from the 1941 march on washington that a. philip resolve wanted to do. >> the old man was hardcore. he had been hard core in the '40s, he wags still hard core. he belved there was no substitute for direct action. >> he had come to work with bared rusten jorge's known as one of the best organizers from the 1930s to the 1960s. about the same time, martin luther king, who is pretty much pressure off of birmingham, he's doing a national tour, trying to raise
for andy lopez will meanwhile, an attorney for andy's family says a civil rights lawsuit will be filed on monday in san francisco. andy was shot october 22nd while holding a toy gun that looked like an ak47 assault rifle. >>> happening too, officials will be warning menlo park residents about mosquitoes that spread yellow fever. no illnesses associated with the mosquito have been reported in california, but the insect has been spotted in menlo pack. vector control officials and volunteers will be handing out information about ways to prevent the spread of the mosquito and that begins at 9:30. voters can swing by city hall to drop off their vote by mail ballots. there will be curbside stations and this weekend they will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. they will also be open from 8:00 to 5:00 on monday and 7:00 to 8:00 on tuesday. that's of course election day. now let's check your forcast with lisa argen. >> katie the marine layer is compressed at 500 to 700 feet and you can see it is pretty gray across the city. 50 downtown. it is sunny in san jose and we will look for the fog to
-year-old andy lopez say they plan to file a federal civil rights lawsuit on monday. they claim a deputy shot and killed lopez with no cause. the boy was shot while giving a bb gun that looked like a rifle. the family has also filed three wrongful death claims. >>> san francisco police are looking for a man who was visiting the area from los angeles. they say he was last heard from on monday when he called his family to say he was being followed in the mission district. police say that he made that phone call around 11:00 p.m. he is 22, 6 feet, 180 pounds with brown hair and eyes. he had a dark backpack and i- phone 5. >> on tuesday voters in san francisco will decide on a controversial plan for a coppedo project along the waterfront. if if passes two condo buildings will be built at wash. supports say it would create a new waterfront park and hundreds of jobs, opponents say it would block views and create luxury housing few people can afford. then the governor talked to us about his involvement and support. >> it's a development and it'll generate $350 million over 60 plus years to th
. >> i got to make a call. thanks so much. barney's has some explaining to do. a civil rights group wants to meet with the head of the department store over a racial profiling allegation. last week, two african-american customers accuse barnes of discrimination, saying they were detained by police on suspicion of credit card fraud after buying expensive items at a store in new york city. macy's is also under fire after a customer there was stopped while shopping in a manhattan store because of his race. >> ross shimabuku is here. >> red sox this close, they can taste it. after two crazy finishes, last night was the first normal world series game, but there's been nothing normal about david ortiz. big papi has been putting on a show, batting over .700. he said i was born for this. in the first, ortiz rips it by craig, driving in pedroia for the first run of the ballgame. why are they pitching to ortiz? ortiz king of the swing, lester king of the hill. he gave up one run, but that was a big one right here. matt holliday hits that to the arch. that rocket ties things up at one. holiday was g
behind almost all civil rights measures that have been passed into law in the last many years. that opposition was wrong then. it is wrong now. we will continue to fight for this legislation to move through. i fully understand that it may be taken are excepted as a fait because the speaker said it cannot move through the house, but i would point you to instances where that has not proven to be be case, as most recently as the reauthorization of the violence against women ,ct, which we saw happen fortunately, earlier this year. i think that the support for this is overwhelming. it is overwhelming across the country. and in states that you might not expect it to be very popular, it is very strongly supported. we need to continue the pressure -- to pressure congress to get this done. because it is the right thing to do. does he feel like congress will take this action or does he feel like executive power will bring about the progress? >> what we have said about this is two things, one, the preferable and better path would be through congress, because that would be inclusive. an e
and kids below an 80 on the other side. i call it a civil rights violation. it's segregation no doubt. >> i would be furious if they were doing that to my kid. i don't know about you. that would upset me. we're not talking about kids who can't function in school. we're talking about kids getting lousy grades. when you separate them. maybe you disagree with me on this one. >> i disagree. >> i was a very lazy kid and i'm glad i got to have lunch with kids who weren't lazy, right? i mean, i don't think you want to put all the lazy kids together. that would have made -- >> they're getting tutored as they're being put together. >> race or civil rights, that's ridiculous. >> that's what the school says. the school backs that up. doecht agree with that parent. the school says they are not segregating them in the traditional sense. if the kids' scores are low in certain areas, they're getting help in that area. fup want to label that segregation, that's not the correct way to label it. they say the school because they've been doing this for two years now, the graduation rate was 77%. now that they'
after their first u.s. tour. president johnson had recently signed the civil rights act and was on his way to a landslide victory against barry goldwater that november. 35-year-old tom foley was having lunch at the spokane club in downtown. a gifted lawyer from a prominent local family and a trusted aide, he mentioned to the guys that he was thinking seriously about running for congress, not this time, but the next time around. at which point to one of his lunch companions bluntly dismissed the idea out of hand. he said, you would never do it. you are like all young people. you think the party is going to come to you with a tiffany trade and an engraved card and say, please. we humbly beg you. run for congress. that is not the way it happens. people get to congress by wanting to run. you have excuses this year and you have excuses next year. and the year after that. tom did not like this piece of armchair psychology one bit and he was determined to prove them wrong so he got up from the table and walked across the hall, stuffed himself into a phone booth and called western union. withi
up to our headquarters in harlem. we had other civil rights leaders. he says they did not make the complaint to police. i said if you didn't make the complaint, how did the police know about the purchase? you have to remember, both of them left the store. so, they said their custom is to let you finish the purchase. >> they are looking at cameras and calling the clerks. >> based on race. if you have a debit card, you have the receipt and the money is taken out of your account. where is the crime and the probable cause? is this a new york city phenomenon? >> we get this a lot. >> from national chains? >> from national chains. we called a meeting of ceos to talk about this major change. there must be a change in policy. and there must be some instruction in the police departments. >> have you talked to the cops about this? >> the stores must deal with the police departments. if you are claiming it's the cops, not us, what are you saying? the cops are saying it's you. what are they saying to you? we are caught in the middle. >> if you have a receipt, a debit card and shopping bag,
the tsa, quote, pigs, and said it was violating his civil rights. police in pennfield, new jersey, where the family lives, say he sent his younger brother there a text message early friday in which he said he was not going to be alive much longer. police and the fbi have questioned members of his family in new jersey. his father tells us that he talked to his son last week, who complained about the state of the economy and about not having a job. one of his roommates in los angeles says they never suspected him of anything like this. >> i'm absolutely shocked. i can't -- i'm still trying to wrap my brain around it. knowing this guy, i can't believe that he would -- it just doesn't make sense. >> authorities say he fired the shots from a semi-automatic rifle like an ar-15, and they say he was carrying seven ral m several ammunition magazines. >> the tsa are the first line of security, yet my understanding is they have no arrest powers and are certainly not armed. could that change as a result of this? >> i doubt it. the people i have talked with this morning at tsa and homeland security
know, we are hiring a new civil liberty and privacy officer for nsa to ensure we do this right as well. that's the oversight and compliance. >> any restrictions op that civil liberties and compliance officer as to what they could look at within that role, any restrictions? >> no restrictions as long as it complies with the law. >> all right. general clapper, how many man hours and money? >> i can't off the top of my head, but i will tell you it's easily tens of thousands of man hours and millions and millions of dollars that we spend on oversight of this program. if you just take the 300 compliance officers of nsa alone, let alone the rest of the apparatus of nsa that is devoted to oversight, my staff, dod's staff, the department of justice, the fisa court, the civil liberties and privacy officers, igs, and the amount of time they spend, it is very costly program in terms of both manpower and dollars. i just don't have a figure. >> one last comment, reflection, is there anything either one of you can think of within your authority to do to address civil liberties and privacy issues tha
we ignore the reality that americans eon going struggle -- ongoing struggle for civil and human rights is being tested even as we speak today. rights once fought for and won after a long struggle such as the right to vote without fear of intimidation, the right to a high quality and equal public education, the right to a fair cannes at the american dream -- chance at the american dream are today being abridged by zealots who are determined not just to slow or stop progress, but to repeal and reverse matters of human dignity. in the my view, these zealots will lose because they always do. and america will win because we always do. ours is not a perfect democracy, but it's as close as any nation has ever come to perfection. although memoirs are by definition written for posterity, my hope is that many young americans will read this book. i say this because it's clear as a bell to me and to millions of concerned citizens that our government is not working as well as it could and should. i say this not with a sense of pessimism, but with the wisdom of having lived through the good,
and privacy officer to ensure that we do this right, as well. be any their restrictions on the civil liberties and privacy officer as to what he or she cannot look at ? >> no restrictions as long as it complies with the law. estimate on how many man- -- >> ihem a i cannot, cannot at the top of my head. it is easily tens of thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars we spend on oversight of this program. compliance the 300 officers in the and essay a loan, let alone the rest of the apparatus at the nsa devoted to staff, dod staff, the department of justice, fisa igs,, privacy officers, the amount of time they spend is a very costly program in terms of both manpower and dollars. is there anything either one of you can think of within your to address civil liberties and privacy issues that you are not doing? >> from my perspective, no. element i would add to your -- tion >> we just described the note to ourselves. the annual dollars we have spent on this is 30 million. we have 300 full-time equivalents. everyone has a role to play in compliance. we bring employees in on their first day and we
achitan. >> all right, thanks ali. >>> health care manufacturer johnson and johnson will pay more than $2 billion to settle civil and contractual allegations. al jazeera's shihab rattanzi with more. >> this is one of the several other agreements, johnson and johnson agreed they admitted they bribed pharmacies and hospitals, lack of scientific evidence showing any health benefits for patients. it's the third largest settlement with the u.s. government involving a u.s. drug maker. >> these companies lined their pockets at the expense of american taxpayers patients and private insurance industry. >> last year glaxo smithkline agreed they failed to report safety data about a diabetes drug. however according to the economist magazine that represented less than 11% of glaxo's revenue and with the johnson and johnson settlement that left no individuals accountable. that left unsaid whether these companies consider this a cost of doing business. >> systematic in many cases directfrom management and then you look at the fine that was paid, $2.2 billion, that represents less than one half of what t
know what he's feeling. that is coming up. [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] >>> violence in iraq has risen to a level not seen in years. the concern is without the help of the united states military the country may slip back to civil war. president barack obama met with the president yesterday. also yesterday a u.s. drone attack killed the lead i of the pakistani taliban. the country is bracing for realation. richard has the latest from cairo. >> it's clear listening to iraq's prime minister that iraq is in trub. iraq is back in a civil war. according to the u.n. about a thousand people are killed in iraq every single month. the overall levels of violence have returned to 2008 level. that means the u.s. military surge have been wiped out. that's a significant statement especially if you were one of the tens of thousands of american troops that served in iraq to try and bring stability only the see the country return to where it is now. prime minister is in the united states now asking for help. drone, planes, things hechs getting when
, are they following the law, are they protecting civil ribber -- liberties that's what the oversight committees do. i work well in that function of oversight. the question is, what are the threats to the united states. who is using u.s. networks right now to steal intellectual property like the chinese, the russians and others. we've had cyberattacks against the united states this year from a nation state that exceeds over 300 different 'teams destroy some financial services networks that affects every american. we haven't talked about those things. we've got al qaeda spreading around the world in a way that is frightening, think about it. last year alone some 15,000 terrorist-related deaths. it is the nsa, the cia and others charge to make sure that zero of them happen here. zero. that's our standard. and so what we've asked hem to do is go out and collect information that protects america so every politician in washington, both republican and democrat are seized up by this hyper partisanship can't wait to put out a press release how terrible our intelligence service are. it's a deer caught in the h
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)